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Whether you have a clear idea of what you would like to work on in therapy, or if you are having a difficult time defining where the issues lie, we can find a way to help you feel more integrated and satisfied with your life. I am here to support, guide and challenge you during your path towards personal growth.

I understand how important it is to feel a safe connection and am glad to meet with you so that we can and determine if the relationship is the right fit. Different therapists have different specialties, which may not align with your needs, and of course, even in a therapist and client relationship, personalities matter. If needed, I am able to refer you onwards if my type of care is not appropriate for your needs.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose to work with me.

Frequency of Sessions

If our early meetings go well, and you decide to continue the therapy relationship, it will be important to schedule early appointments for at least three weeks out of each month.

Once we have established our goals, and laid the groundwork for our future sessions, it may be possible to scale back our sessions as we see fit.


Holistic Approach

While I do specialize in self improvement and exploration, managing difficult behaviors and assisting people in releasing themselves from limiting beliefs, I believe that there is never one single area that requires attention.

Everyone who becomes a client of mine has a multi dimensional and nuanced personality and experience. This is why I customize my approach to each individual, and why I am happy to assist with multiple issues simultaneously.

Session Duration

Therapy sessions are fifty minutes, and the last ten minutes of each session covers wrap up, questions related to that or a previous session, payment and scheduling future appointments.


As a professional therapist, the trust of my patients is of paramount importance. This is why, for all individual therapy services, I ensure confidentiality. Your personal information and treatment history will not be disclosed to any third party during your treatment or after our relationship ends.

The only exceptions to this would be in the case where there is risk of harm to yourself, or someone else.  I am also mandated to report if a child, a vulnerable adult is being abused or neglected. There may be situations where  I am legally required to disclose specific information. All of this will be made available to you in my privacy disclosure before we begin treatment.

Duration of Treatment

Unlike physical medicine, where it’s often easy to predict how many treatments a patient will require to become fully cured and healthy, when it comes to personal growth, therapy and counseling, it’s harder to pinpoint how long the process will take. The therapy sessions are a great facilitator for change, but ultimately what truly makes the difference is how you apply the tools, perceptions, and techniques we develop during our time together.

I am happy to work with my clients until they feel that they are confident that they have reached the goals and personal growth that they hoped to achieve, and they are living meaningful, balanced lives.

Change Starts Today

If you are struggling to work through any personal, workplace or sexuality issue, or you are finding that life is becoming too much, don’t wait to seek help. The sooner you start working with a therapist you can trust, the sooner you can begin to feel relief and create lasting changes.

Feel free to browse this site for more information about my practice and the services I offer or contact me to discuss your needs in person.