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Most of my therapy services are offered to adults, 20 years and older.

Like all therapists, I have areas that I specialize in, and that interest me most.  Below you will find several areas of specialty that I work with. If you can identify with any of the below areas, working with me may benefit you.

Sexuality and Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is my main area of focus.  I specialize in working with GSRD (Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diverse) clients.

Sexuality is a broad and diverse topic. Though many believe our society is evolving and becoming more inclusive, at times we see trends that seem more polarizing than ever.

I understand that sexuality can be fluid, and that it can and often does change over the course of our lifetimes. If you are exploring or struggling with your sexuality, it may help to talk to a sex positive counselor who specializes in this field. I also help with difficulties around sexual engagement.

I am a fully certified and experienced Sex Therapist.  I underwent extensive training, supervision, and sexuality classes in order to become certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

I am trained in the biopsychosocial model of sexual health, which looks at the ways that biological, interpersonal, psychological, and sociocultural factors can impact a person over the lifespan. I am also trained in Somatic Concentric Sex Therapy, which is a body-centered approach that helps cultivate eroticism, pleasure and embodied consent. I understand that although this is my realm of expertise, it can be a very sensitive and often uncomfortable topic.  I aim to create a sense of comfort and safety for those who work with me.


The world has evolved a lot in terms of accepting different types of sexuality, but we still have a long way to go. From coming out to family and friends to dealing with stigma and abuse in your community, many LGBTQIA+ people suffer stresses that straight, cisgender people don’t.
I am here to support people who are exploring their sexual orientations and/or gender identities.

Although I am a queer counselor with expertise in LBGTQIA+ issues, I am skilled at working with all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Polyamory and Non-Monogamy

I have focused much of my work over the last six years on non-monogamy and diverse relationship structures.

Society tends to define a romantic relationship as a one on one arrangement, but the truth is, that is not always the case.

Whether your relationship involves two or more people, or whether you have (or are considering) an open relationship, working with a polyam-aware counselor can help you to define your boundaries as a couple, create agreements for a healthy relationship, cope with jealousy, and explore sexual and romantic relationships that fall outside of traditional concepts of monogamous arrangements. If you are beginning to explore your identity or orientation as polyamorous as an individual, it is advisable to work with a counselor who is polyam-competent and affirms and recognizes this as such.

I understand that a loving relationship can take many forms, and my aim when working with clients is at affirming meaningful, consensual non-monogamous relationships.


Kink-Affirming Support

I am a support to people who identify as kinky, as well as those who are looking to explore their interests in kink. I am proudly listed on the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom‘s Kink-Aware Professionals site. I believe that pleasure and human connection can be found in many ways, and kink is an incredible way to engage with ourselves and others. I believe in supporting people in their pursuits of consensual play in many forms. I am focused on breaking the cycle of sexual shame.

Life Transitions

Humans, in general, struggle to cope with change. We are creatures of habit. So, it’s no surprise that some of the most stressful events in our lives are changes. Changes such as divorce, separation or marital reconciliation, job loss, retirement, imprisonment, career moves, crises, coming out, and empty nest syndrome can have a profound impact on our overall mental well-being.

If you have recently gone through a major life change, and you need help coping and adjusting to your new reality, I can help.

Coping Skills

It’s a fact that our modern world moves faster, is more complex, and demands ever more from us. Never before have we had to try to juggle so many things at the same time. If you’re struggling to manage the various aspects of your life, especially regarding family, relationships, and work stress, you might benefit from professional help to develop healthy coping skills.

Pleasure is an integral part of life. Often, due to stress and being overwhelmed, we lack connection with ourselves, our loved ones, and the feeling of joy. My therapy services can help you to learn the tools and strategies that will help you make your experience in life more meaningful.


There comes a time in everyone’s life when they wonder who exactly they are. Many people simply ignore this question and continue to do what society expects. Taking time to develop a good relationship with yourself via self-exploration is often the most worthwhile investments of one’s life.

As a queer, feminist therapist, I have had my own journey to self-knowledge, which makes me uniquely experienced to help you find meaning in your own world.


Humans are social creatures. We need each other. Many aspects of our lives are closely tied to other people. Whether it’s your marriage or a personal relationship, work relationships, friendships, family, romance, or something non-traditional like a non-monogamous relationship, it can be tough to navigate the ever changing and intertwined relationships that make up our lives.

Whether you need help with a specific relationship, or with relationships in general, therapy can help you to connect more, solve conflicts better, and gain more from your connections.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Given that I take a holistic approach to treating people, I consider nutrition and lifestyle to be integral parts to overall emotional well-being.  I encourage nutritional strategies for brain health, and can discuss nutritional interventions to treat emotional symptoms. I also assist with increasing sleep quality, sleep hygiene, and body movement strategies.  Please note that you must speak with your Primary Care Physician before taking any supplements we talk about.  I do not provide assistance with weight loss or changing body composition.  Your body is beautiful the way it is.

The Self

Having a secure relationship with yourself is one of the biggest factors in emotional well-being. Along with having close social connections with others, I believe it is important to accept yourself in order to create a meaningful life according to your values. Improving your self-concept can help you pursue the life opportunities that will leave you fulfilled, and to form relationships that are mutually rewarding.  I do recognize that healing our relationship with ourselves also happens through relationships with others.  I believe our culture has recently over-emphasized self-care, and pulls us away from each other.  The antidote to this is connection, and healing comes from connection with others as well as the self.

Many of us suffer with a poor relationship with ourselves, and low self-regard. Speaking to a professional counselor can help to restore the confidence and security within the self that you are lacking and give you the boost you need to create the kind of life that you can enjoy living.


So often, we’re harder on ourselves than we would be on others in the same situation. All too often, we beat ourselves up when we feel that we have failed, or our inner critic tends to take over and we put undue pressure on ourselves.

We often think that compassion is something that can only be expressed toward others, but it is also something that we can use to support and encourage ourselves.

If you struggle to practice self-compassion and find that you criticize yourself often, I can teach you, as part of my therapy services, to develop a better relationship with yourself and move from negativity and criticism to encouragement.

Multifaceted Treatment

If you’re like most people, no single section on this list of areas of focus fit your exact situation perfectly. That’s because we are all multifaceted, complex individuals, who almost certainly have more than one area in our lives that we would like to work on and address.

I am happy to work with individuals on a variety of issues, and together, we can work to tailor my therapy services to create a customized treatment plan that addresses all your unique needs.